Implant Dentures

Our implant dentures are aesthetically pleasing, have a superior fit and will make you feel less self-conscious.

Implant Dentures: Shoalhaven

Looking for more secure fitting dentures, a more aesthetic outcome or wanting to restore your confidence with living with your dentures and get back to that carefree life?

Not everyone can wear conventional dentures. Sometimes you have to look for alternatives to obtain that guaranteed fit, a more comfortable feel that will restore your social confidence and ease of eating. Whatever you like, implant dentures may be your answer.

At Your Mouth Matters, we have tirelessly developed a denture that is smaller than our competitors, restoring that natural feel. Our implant dentures are less intrusive and allow us to obtain an exceptional aesthetic outcome. No one will know they are dentures!

With advancements in implant technology, implant dentures offer a host of benefits that conventional dentures cannot deliver. Anchored into place by dental implants and using special attachments, these dentures snap into place, allowing us to achieve many advantages. Apart from improved self confidence and an unmatched fit and stability, implant dentures help preserve the remaining bone, drastically reducing its loss and improving your body’s ability to absorb the nutritional value of what you are eating through increased bite force and function.

Implant dentures also eliminate slipping or irritation associated with conventional dentures and the need to use unsightly clasps to hold them in.

Like to know more? Take advantage of our free consultation and start the journey towards a better denture experience.

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